Fortunato No.4 Testimonials

Recent testimonials describing the Fortunato No.4 chocolate experience forwarded by Franz Ziegler:

“I let chocolate lovers do the talking when it comes to Fortunato No 4. People who understand chocolate and can make a judgment on the quality.”  -Franz Ziegler

“Really… if you had sent me diamonds and emeralds I could not be happier!  I think wars could be prevented and marriages preserved with gifts such as this!” -Carrie L. Chisholm

“I am still fascinated by the story and the product. I am very impressed with what Confiserie von Rotz made with it; truly very good and beautiful, the entire presentation and approach. You have broadend my chocolate horizon by another piece. Thanks for that. Kind regards from Vienna.” -Leo Forsthofer, Renown Austrian Chocolatier

“This chocolate that you sent us — from Peru’s lost cacao — is absolutely amazing! The flavor of this is so different than anything I’ve ever experienced.” -Anne Knudsen, friend of Franz Ziegler

“For now I send you my greetings with the remark that my wife wants to divorce me. She fell in love with Fortunato No. 4.” -Marcel Suter, Media Specialist

“The Fortunato- products carry  flavour impressions, like I have never, in this kind experienced in chocolate. Even after minutes after the pleasure, a feeeling remained on the palette, like one just tasted a piece of pure happiness. Fortunato does not seduce me to self indulgence, rather to stimulate me to a enjoyful pause.” -Urs Schönholzer, Manager for leading machine manufacturer for chocolate machinery

“We need to take care of our planet. It is  the only planet where cacao grows.”  -Unknown


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